Leopard Head Print Long Black Shirt

leopard head print
leopard head print

Sometimes girls just want to have fun so dare to be different. But if you’re going to go wild, really go wild. As you become more comfortable with the print you can begin to unleash your creativity. Experiment with unexpected silhouettes, like this front row shop long black shirt with leopard head print which can be worn as dress.

You need courage to wear animal head print, that's for sure. It is a two way thing, as when properly worn it can become a real fashion statement boosting any dull outfit, but when matched wrongly it turns into a major fashion disaster. Animal head prints represent, first of all, a bold choice, a dangerous game that requires a certain fashion good sense in order to find the most stylish ways to wear them. Well you could match something like a leapord head print blouse with a black jacket. It all depends on what you wear with it.Leopard head print never goes out of style.

Pick your print and stick with it. Just one print, and one piece. Leopard not only doesn’t go with zebra, it doesn’t go with other leopard either. While we do love artful print-mixing, there's no point in risking looking like a safari gone horribly horribly wrong. To choose an animal head print be your statement and keep everything else simple and neutral. Leopard by itself is a pretty bold statement -- there is no need to add in overt sexiness. Also, they are keeping the scale of the prints either exactly identical or severely contrasting in size. 

Let's have a look at this front row shop leopard head print shirt, it featuring a round neckline, leopard print to the chest, raglan long sleeve, cut longer at back, slits at sides.

Front: 100% Polyester
Back and Sleeves: 100% Cotton
Model is wearing size small
Runs true to size
Handwash cold


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  2. Superb jacket.. i love this jacket.. i have purchased jacket in last winter..it was just like that but different in color...